10 Advantages & Benefits of Frozen Food

  • Oct 25, 2023
  • By Harry Weston
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At Harry’s Country Kitchen, we are passionate about delivering delicious, nutritious and affordable frozen meals to customers across the UK.

Great taste aside, there are lots of advantages of frozen food, from saving you time to ensuring you can enjoy a varied and nutritionally balanced meal. Keep reading for ten of the main benefits of frozen food. Find out why it's a great option, whether you struggle to cater for yourself or simply want to make your daily routine that little bit easier...

1. Convenience

One of the main advantages of frozen food is the convenience it offers. You can stock up the freezer, so you will always have great meal options to enjoy throughout the year. 

For people who face challenges in catering for themselves at home, frozen food can be a real time saver. For everyone else, it can simply provide a handy alternative to preparing varied and nutritionally balanced meals. Ordering your frozen meals online and having them delivered directly to your door is an even more convenient option.

2. Easy to prepare

As well as being easy to store in the freezer, frozen food is simple to prepare.

Our frozen meals are delivered oven ready. This means you can simply take them straight out of the freezer and pop them into a pre-heated oven. Many of our meals and desserts can also be heated in the microwave, saving you even more preparation time. Instructions are provided on the pack, so no cooking skills or guess work are required. Of course, less preparation also means less washing up!

3. Maintains nutritional content

A question many people have about frozen food is how well it compares nutritionally to fresh alternatives. The good news is that frozen food is as good as fresh because all nutrients and freshness are “locked in” during the freezing process. The frozen meals we offer at Harry’s Country Kitchen are nutritionally balanced and use high-quality ingredients, including British beef, chicken, lamb and pork in our meat-based dishes.

4. Generates less waste

Nowadays, many of us are aware of the waste we generate and how it impacts the planet and our finances. With frozen food, you use only what you need, so you end up with less waste. Also, as frozen food generally has an extended shelf life, often of 12 months or more, you can store your ready meals and other frozen foods and enjoy them at your convenience, without compromising on quality or being faced with throwing away food which has passed its expiration date.

5. Cuts down on trips to the supermarket

Let’s face it, going to the supermarket can be a chore. Dealing with the crowds, being unable to find what you want, and grappling with the automated check-out can all lead to stress and frustration. Similarly, if you struggle with mobility or other health issues, or even just live a long way from a supermarket, the weekly shop can be a daunting task.

An easy solution is to pop a few frozen meals in the freezer, so you can heat up a delicious meal anytime.

6. Fewer ingredients to buy

Baking a tempting dessert or cooking a hearty Sunday roast means buying lots of ingredients, which is not always convenient or cost-effective.

With frozen foods, you can tuck into all the meals and puddings you love without having to fill up the cupboard or fridge with ingredients that you might only use occasionally. With our frozen meals and desserts, you can simply heat and enjoy.

7. Forward planning

One of the great advantages of frozen food is that it allows you to plan ahead. You can prepare for winter by putting some ready meals in the freezer, just in case the weather clamps down and you cannot get out to the shops.

Likewise, you can cater for spells when you are less able to cook for yourself, such as following a hospital stay or during recovery from an illness.

Frozen meals can also be a great for when you get back from holiday, or just in case you need an occasional cooked meal without the hassle.

8. Variety

Buying ingredients and preparing a varied menu can be time-intensive, costly and impractical amid a busy daily routine.

Frozen meals are a simple way to enjoy a wide selection of nutritionally balanced meals each week. So, whether you are in the mood for a traditional favourite, such as Sunday roast or fish and chips or want to enjoy a delicious Chinese or Indian meal, frozen food offers great variety without the stress.

9. Good for families

Frozen food can provide a cost-effective solution to catering for a household, whether you struggle to plan meals that please everyone or simply live with people who eat at different times.

Stocking the freezer with frozen meals means that everyone can have something they enjoy at a time that is convenient to them. Alternatively, you can buy multi-portion meals that everyone can sit down to enjoy, without having to prepare a family feast from scratch.

10. Good for single households

Another of the key benefits of frozen food is that it makes catering for single households simple. Planning meals for one can be especially difficult. Portion sizes can be hard to judge, while you may be faced with spending more on ingredients and fresh produce that end up expiring before you can use them up.

With frozen food, and frozen ready meals especially, these problems are solved. Most of our meals are perfectly portioned for one, making tasty solo dining a cinch.

Discover the benefits of frozen food for yourself

If you would like to enjoy all the advantages of frozen food, remember that Harry’s Country Kitchen delivers high-quality frozen meals and desserts throughout the UK (excluding the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man). You can browse our full range of meal options or download our brochure.

Order online for next day delivery or call us on 0800 029 3263.

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