Nothing finishes off a hearty meal like a delicious dessert. You could say it’s the icing on the cake! And with frozen desserts delivered by Harry’s Country Kitchen, you’ll have your favourite desserts at hand, piping hot in just moments.

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Delicious desserts when you want them with frozen food delivery

Fancy some warm butterscotch and treacle pudding, spotted dick or chocolate sponge? There’s no need to dig out the mixing bowl and start cracking eggs. Harry’s food delivery for frozen desserts mean you can cap off any meal you like with a classic, indulgent dessert – with no need to turn on an energy-guzzling oven. Since we never skimp on quality, you’ll be getting a beautifully tasty dessert with maximum convenience.

If you’re already a fan of Harry’s frozen food meal delivery, try matching a tasty dessert with a hearty main for a heart-warming meal that will leave you feeling truly indulged. How about a classic roast dinner followed by warm chocolate sponge with chocolate sauce? Or steak in ale followed by a butterscotch pudding?

With our frozen dessert delivery service, you’ll have the sweet stuff on hand whenever you want it. Need a quick pick-me-up during the day? A hot treat can be yours in less than a minute and a half.

How does Harry’s frozen dessert delivery fit in with your order of frozen ready meals? The beauty of our ordering process is that it’s so simple. No subscriptions, no commitments – just pop whatever you like in the trolley and check out. In as little as a day, if you order before noon, your frozen dessert delivery can be at your door.