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Scampi, Chips & Peas 400g

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Light and crispy scampi served with chips and fresh garden peas. A seaside favourite.

Get a taste of the seaside with our Scampi Chips and Peas frozen ready meal. We've paired light, crispy scampi with golden chips and vibrant garden peas for a classic British dish that's always a hit.


Our scampi is selected for its quality and cooked until perfectly crispy. The chips are golden and fluffy on the inside, just like at your favourite chippy. The garden peas add a pop of colour and freshness.


This dish is ideal for a quick, satisfying meal. Whether you're missing the beach or just need a fast and tasty dinner, it's like bringing the best of the British coast to your table.

Scampi and chips only. Pre-heat oven Fan 180°c / Gas 6. Remove outer packaging. Carefully cut or peel away the film lid over the scampi and chips, keeping the film over the peas compartment intact. Place scampi and chips onto a baking tray near the middle of the oven for 35 minutes. Half way through cooking time, turn scampi and chips. Peas only - Microwave 800W Pierce film lid several times. Place on a microwavable plate. Cook for 2 minutes 30 seconds. Stir before serving

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