What is the Healthiest Frozen Meal?

  • Dec 08, 2023
  • By Harry Weston
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Many people are concerned about their daily calorie intake, as well as how much sugar, salt and fat they consume. At Harry’s Country Kitchen, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of tasty frozen meals which are tasty and nutritionally balanced.

In this post, we look at how you know if frozen food is healthy and highlight some of our high-quality ready meals which are particularly good for those who want to ensure their diet is both delicious and nutritious.

What do we mean by “healthy” frozen food?

Before we look at the healthiest frozen meals, it is worth defining what is meant by “healthy”. The commonest guide is how food stacks up against the recommended daily intake of calories, as well as the levels of (saturated) fat, salt and carbohydrate, particularly sugar. The general guide to daily calorie intake is 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men. Other factors to consider include levels of fibre and protein, as well as whether the meal contributes to our “five a day” fruits and vegetables.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to checking the nutritional content of a frozen meal is that figures are usually expressed in two columns. The per pack (or per serving) figure is a good way to see the content of that dish, while the per 100 grams figure allows for an easy comparison between different meals.

What is the healthiest frozen dinner?

Based on the levels of saturated fat, salt, protein and calories they contain, a few of the healthiest frozen meals on our site include:

Vegetarian Chilli: Low in saturated fat and with high levels of protein and fibre, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike can tuck into this hearty 424-calorie meal packed with kidney beans and served with rice.

Chicken Roast Dinner: This Sunday, you can look forward to sitting down to a traditional roast chicken dinner with a clear conscience, as ours comes in at only 308 calories. It's low in saturated fat and a good source of protein.

Did you know that the good old roast dinner is Britain's favourite meal

Turkey Dinner: Another option for your Sunday (or any day) roast is our 275-calorie turkey dinner, served with lean meat, peas and carrots. Low in saturated fat and high in protein, this is a healthier option which does not compromise on taste.

Vegetable Lasagne: This popular veggie dish contains just 392 calories and is packed with aubergines, red peppers and courgettes. While this meal has slightly higher levels of fat, it is a good source of protein and is still one of our healthier options.

Sweet and Sour Chicken: For a healthier Chinese feast, opt for this flavourful option which is low in salt and saturated fat, while offering a good level of protein. Served with rice, this is a tasty dish for an anytime treat.

If you’re looking for frozen food that is healthy, we include the full nutritional information on all our product listings, so you can always make an informed choice. 

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